Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Why we look up to the sky seeking solutions?
They are all here on earth.
Why we look love in to the crowd?
Love is right there, behind those eyes.

Do not waste time, do not wait,
It's right here, right there.


Yatzil said...

Completamente de acuerdo. A veces nos perdemos buscando lo que está en nuestras narices.

Un Abrazo.

Joan Guerrero said...

Es ahi, es aquí, dentro de nosotros.

Alex said...

En las cosas pequeńas que ignoramos por la prisa cotidiana, ahí también se encuentra el amor y las soluciones que a veces buscamos en otros sitios.

The man is a poet.....

Elba Patricia said...

All the way over there!!! Not that simple at times!!

gledwood said...

Do you really think all the answers to the world's problems are down here with us on earth? You have more faith in human nature than I ever did ..! Well that's an interesting post. Sorry I cannot comment on any of your Spanish ... I found you by a random hop and a jump out of mine by the way ( I just opened 2 new video blogs as well. So here's your formal invitation to come have a look at it all and tell me what you think!! All the very best to you



"gledwood vol 2"

ShellyGo said...

True, true true :P

Anadell said...

así es lo esencial es invisible para los ojos... no empeñamos en buscar y buscar y todo esta ahí mismo